Dominique Mahé

LE 26
1 avenue Aristide Briand
35000 Rennes - France
T + 33 (0)2 22 93 13 29


Le 26 has founded in 1999 and is specialised in performing Arts (dance, theater, music). Le 26 has been the forerunner of artistic accompaniment.


The office supports artists in the development of their artistics and culturals projects though production, broadcast, administration and communication.

We support emerging or established artists though their own company or in delegated production.


This collaboration is based on reflection and ongoing dialogue in which the human relationship and the trust are essentials. Its allow to guarantee achievement and reconnaissance works and projects in their singularity.


To do a rigorous job, Le 26 works in partnership with accounting firm to establish annual accounts and remuneration statement 


Today, Le 26 supports two dance companies: Cie Mawguerite of Bernardo Montet and Pilot fishes of Léa Rault and Alina Bilokon. Moreover, Le 26 supports one theater compagny: Cie Vivre dans le feu of Louise Lévêque as well as the musician David Monceau for one-time projects.


The office previously worked with Alban Richard (ensemble l'Abrupt), who heads now the Centre Chorégraphique National de Caen in Normandy, Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh (Sui generis company), who is actually director of Le Phare, Centre Chorégraphique National du Havre (Fr), Daniel Dobbels (De l'Entre-Deux), Tatiana Julien (C'Interscribo) and Caterina Sagna (Next association).