Alina Bilokon & Léa Rault
Pilot Fishes



Premiere on September, 16 to 19th 2015 in Théâtre des Abbesses, Paris. TYJ is where 2 solos are happening bound together by a search of a place to take a stand.


Our Pop Song Will Never Be Popular

Premiere on April 18th, 2014 at l'Office municipal culturel de Loudéac.
Our Pop Song Will Never Be Popular starts from the desire to be loved at all cost and ponders on the different possible ways of conquering an audience.



The Pilot Fishes Association was founded at the end of 2012 in Côtes d'Armor to support the work of two choreagraphers, Alina Bilokon and Léa Rault. The collaboration between these two artists started in the PEPCC ( Programme d'études, de recherches et de créations chorégraphiques – study, research and creation program on choreography) professional training 2010-2012 of the Forum Dança in Lisbon. Together they authored Our Pop Song Will Never Be Popular and Les unités minimes du sensible with the Portuguese artist Urândia Aragào.